1. a melodramatic rendering of bicycle lore and reenactments

2. melodramatic behavior or events involving bicycles and riders

I'll torc your tubular until you cry!

I’ll torque your tubular until you cry!



Entry Four:

Hold your Stake Up 

Sunshine knuckle pucker

until the crank bolts buckle

it’s a give take hustle

skin tread bone cement

lock the knees

antigravity skid

pop smoke

burn bubble


All’s same as catch kick


until high knee to chin ratio

throw down—two times

so see reptiles swim ’round


Ants cry to gods

Hold your stake up

smear faced makeup

fist switched breakup

until smashed pedal sunsets

find us face up

at the bottom of a ditch



Entry Three:




the word is not


when isolated

in screen glare


Get a new



Take leather

wrap around it

drop bars

in gloved hands

for roads are new

information streams

Clues leading ahead

pealing up scents

Vibrations speaking

in tongues

These are words



Living speak is



Those bumps

equal and opposite

jumpstarting troubled


Push back against


Their driven



Force them to


Make them


at the otherness

of legged wheels


with human powered



Entry Two:

The Oceans of Las Vegas

This is the bargain, yeah?

You’ve got packages and notes

I’ve got pedals and wheels

So, let’s make some sugar Babies

a business coupling of commerce

It’s gonna be called, get this:

Kevin Bacon Bicycle Messenger Service

You run the nets and the phones

get your biz bros online, darling

Queue them, hook them, dial them in

I’ll crank the sprockets for our bike rockets

We’ll create what isn’t there already

Oceans of Trade & Transit all lit up

like Las Vegas

Start swimming, I’m bringing the cats

Traders on the high seas—spices and dyes

only our waves are paved; our sails by Chrome

Fix the gears! Skid the tires! Hash tag it thusly:

#KevinBaconBicycle #SixDegreesofDelivery

Now … about the startup money….

Kevin Bacon Bicycle


Entry One:

Little Above, Much Below

I turn

You look

The burning eye

with its screw drill impact

So begins our angry hour

No screaming voices

because words are weaker

than smash knuckle kisses

It’s a tango of teeth and claws

this broken bottom bracket spindle

caressing your colored hair, scuffing your skull

Allen key hex-head rebuttal from your

smooth skin fingers and polished pearl nails

leaves a bloody ellipses marking my check

and indicating your superfluous thoughts

about love and hate



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