Our Trouble with Trouble

The Trouble with Trouble•

We start in a parking lot, between two white lines.

Car radio sounds are heard: music to talk to music to talk…

Raw aluminum-alloy lamp posts, tall as prison towers, uniformly point toward the sky.

Women and men with bags and babies. Big mess. Obeisant, humanoid-faced cars wait, some humming mechanical lullabies.


(As if watching someone do voiceover for a Disney animated movie we cannot see.)

I am at home between the loving arms, these white lines. These silent boundaries.

The trouble with Tacoma, there’s a sleepy veil of depression billowing up and drifting back down, daily. Never quite enough to keep the crows and jays from flying, or the people from driving, but stellar association isn’t ever what it might be elsewhere.

Second strange plane flying overhead. So low and quiet, so flat and colorless, most folks don’t even look up. Don’t smile.


K. Shawn Edgar | Man Flake | Cube Dweller | Bad Actor


Cycles and Skids


Brake Break Image

K. Shawn Edgar 2014


Cycles and Skids


Sometimes falling down

is the most exciting thing

Burning the glaze away

Chrome clothing kissing skins

skins vibrating, bouncing

mating with the road

its debris, a modern life

post-consumer snapshot:

Trash Tells Our Story•

The heat, believing gravity,

as Soma Everwear skids true

if only for a moment free

Brake, breath, bounce, break

pedal, skid, repeat


____K. Shawn Edgar | Writer | Humorist | Mad Assassin____

Room 117 (Pt. 3)

The Sword and the Vessel

photo, “The Sword and the Vessel” by k. shawn edgar

Any asshole can use a dictionary;
whether it be in his broke-ass hands,
or her dump-ass slim computer.
So don’t preach the alignment of
lithe lavender and torn asunder;
your ending will be the same.

I was electrifying word spellings
before the water burst from the amniotic sac.
My mom had impulsed the signs & symbols into
fluidity down our umbilical cord; saying,
Spell sullen, baby, any way you please, and be happy.
The revolving world of learner groms of any type
should know early on that trends and typeface change,
yet both an airplane and an aeroplane can fly.

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Winter’s Fall

Leafless stick-bud tree growing,

branching out with finger bones of living wood and slow sap,

entangling the gray-scale sky,

like veins of iron ore spreading through a rugged cliff face.

By K. Shawn Edgar