Paint Fork

what you looking at?

Paint Fork

Holy moly shit, can’t explain it
I love when torn down, smashed up
I can’t go too long before I need to



I’m a terrible person who just doesn’t
know it yet
Falling down, hitting the ground, and
I remember
The best things are broken things.

It’s an ugly eyeball belch that wants


in all this grateful
bloody mess.

I put my paint fork
into your spider web
you gotta bleed
you gotta get the lazy
spirits out

You have to wash away

what’s become cobwebs

in an empty, pale green room.

Swelling with Tomorrow’s birth
I exhale dust and you go forth

We scrape and bruise true,

appearing grander with the coloring.

K. Shawn Edgar | Public Display Artist | Enemy of the Slate

Shot From My iGun Into Your Bulletproof Devices