Film Fights: The Box

Watch and vote for my last-minute entry into “Wait, What Was That Noise?” on the Film Fights website. On their homepage, click the “Middleweights” tab and watch “The Box” by Decapitated Pitchers. Thanks, and stay gold.

K. Shawn Edgar | Woodheavy Brown | Decapitated Pitchers | Simple Pictures



Spider Pillows & Candle Wax

pic of dick

K. Shawn Edgar

Spider Pillows & Candle Wax

Vertical black stroke,
blinking on and off again—

she blinks on and off again—

over page after open page of burning white light.

She likes to power down the external world—

one eyelid at a time.

Burning white light—

her pulsations drive an elegant motorized heart,

through vertical black strokes—

blinking on and off again—

over burning white light,

until she births letter combinations—

within a jagged landscape of lines growing.

The impetus comes from subterranean forces pushing—

pushing her subterranean muscles on and off again—

while Earth passes secrets from seeds through soft soils.

Secrets that soft fingertip pads,

post to rice paper windows,

like this view of the world—


looking through wafers

of sand-pressed glass at you too—

out there—



looking out—

to somewhere else.

Aren’t these machines replete?

These gene transporters replete?


a leaf, a cabbage, a little twinkle in her eye—

a vertical black stroke,

blinking on and off again. Replete.

K. Shawn Edgar | Pumpkin Carved Head | U.S. Mail/Male | Be Dunkin’ Doughnuts