Bad Ocean

•Bad Ocean
At the heart of the mountain,

color is a whispered myth;

rules are organic, grown truths.

Rain is a sound without physical form.

Below the cliffs, lapping and hungry,

the ocean knows little of mountain’s

internal life. Solid. Hard.

K. Shawn Edgar | IRB | NGO | BAD




Poems: Thanks for all the Pee


In 1916, The Etude magazine was $1.50 for the year. And that’s the good news. The bad news … my time travel bracelet was stolen by the White Witch; you know, the lady from those C.S. Lewis stories. I guess I wont’ be happy anytime soon.”

Woodheavy Brown, circa 1993


Thanks for all the Pee

Three Easy Poems


K. Shawn Edgar


Walking the Docks

Her full shipment moves at a jaunty, magnetic clip.

Whirlwinds subside and sea monsters submit,

to her comings and goings. She is a cargo ship

in a world of overvalued, pressboard plastic vessels

all too slender and filled with stagnant air.

And believers of the consumptive faith.

She’s an ice crusher, a frozen Arctic figure skater

moving with the purpose of Sherlock Holmes

through the denizens’ maze of street market hustles

and Curzon Cub riots.

Starfish fingers and custard covered phone cards—

all the leftovers from 1990s backpack travelers—

fall away as She spirits the wind.

How is it eight of ten visitors to the docks

see only the light sailboats and party yachts

when Her long sharp curves part the water,

become the water, the sea, the horizon?

Her clip is magnetic; draw me lingering

on the balls of my feet, so straight

and tall, tipping toward Her wake

on the water.

Longing and Melancholy

Say it with frost on your teeth,

deep space is cold.

Has butane?

Madrid is coming.

Or we are coming to Madrid.

She’s always been.

And waiting.

Has oxygen.

She’ll see you through

to the end.

Dead Lot

Stale, dark rainwater


Gray cars punctuate

smooth black asphalt.

Nighttime atmospheric.

Unknown empty spaces.

Engine off; deep breath.

Eyes blinking up

starbursts from greenish

hazy lamplight.

All movement wavers,

finally stalling as lids close.



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K. Shawn Edgar

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