Hitchcock’s Lost Gravel Rider’s Bicycle Film 1953

Bear, Bike, Gunpowder

K. Shawn Edgar | 2017



Never A Checkered Flag Trailer (Video)

Here’s the teaser trailer for my short movie on Film Fights. Hope you’ll stop by their site for a quick watch and vote. Thanks. www.filmfights.com

K. Shawn Edgar | Cheeseball | Hat Rack | Total Loser | Thankful

Decapitated Pitchers’ Cinema Radio Hampire

Decapitated Pitchers Presents: Hampire, a short vampire parody

Hampire: A Vampire Neo-Noir Parody from K. Shawn Edgar on Vimeo.

A short movie about a self-indulgent vampire on an angst-filled journey of discovery and heartbreak.


Awfully Blackened Retro Comedy


Awfully Blackened Retro Comedy


In the future of the Buffyverse – say 25 or 30 years – a question will be added to the long list of Medicare/Medicaid questions asked at medical offices and hospitals: “Do you have Black Lung disease caused by vampire slaying?”

Buffy will say: Sure, but I heal quickly.

Xander will grumble: You’re not wrong. Black Lung’s made me its butt-monkey. And carpenter’s elbow. And arthritic fingers. And…

Willow will reply: Well, I did. And then I used the positive magics…. Meditation can cure anything.

Spike will spit: I bloody well don’t. No breath, you git.

Angel will mumble: Huh, hello. Vampire. I don’t breathe.



The. Birthing of. Donkey Kong Jr.


A brother’s love
is muscle pumping
deeply into the Sea
of a sister’s fraternal

Father’s always right,
and now
brother’s never wrong

He, a bodybuilding smile
She, a builder of mirth illusions

Like cob in the northwest,
she ages with a glimmer
of healthy sheen outside,
and a withering rot inside

He grows bolder with cheers,
travel, and island sunshine,
always forcing fraternal luv
when fate draws sis to bro

Nine months, now, are gone
The water, it flows turbulent
between reluctant thighs;
a cry is heard in 8-bit tones,
a hammer raised high

Then, with simian grace,
a fluid-slicked, furry head
pops this live-action bubble
exposing platforms and ladders

The hospital becomes level 1
as DK jr. begins to climb,
leaving sister and brother
shaking violently on the floor