A Little Bit About Me For Your Files

•Lovely Kiss•

In the bitterest night of sleepless tumblings, cold feet and crack mouth
I flip rough-edged pillows, half teetering on the brink … denied dreams.
Camden Town subpharms, where broken dollies and Curzon Cubs
trade dirty cash for ramped up lollipops or pharmacy castoffs.

You must know, my head is bigger on the inside. And doesn’t socialize
so well. And a heart that fuels a body, fuels not the dark energy in space.
Heart’s energy is dependent on blood, mucus, and solent sea proteins
(originating between Hampshire and Isle of Wight).

Ill street noise surrounds, the Pale Stone Circus, a mobile safe harbor.
I feverishly pedal the petals around our flowering culture’s reproductive parts.
So brightly colored, this corolla sustains me; the lone cyclist, the pollinator.
Of empty fields, and buzz worthy thoughts, not fit for the everyday people.

So radio waves are helping me help myself. And the videos. And the mashing.

K. Shawn Edgar | High Lighter | Lapsed of Time | Lost Pilot



Movie Sex


A look through the lens of celluloid love

Limousine backseat with bubbly
Steamy glass shower stall
Another person’s bedroom at a party
In the childhood bed at your parent’s house surrounded by Nirvana posters and Jet Li cardboard stand-ups

Sometimes it’s movie wind and ballet grace
Other scenes are all public restroom, heels on the toilet seat, raunchy

And a dude with his pants shoved down yells, “This is it, baby. I’m gonna pop a cap in Sancho!”

Whilst others, the art house films, love is dreamlike and flesh, a landscape you dip us in. Cellophane! Earth and water, chocolate and blood, all feel the same. Yet, they strike us with unique blows.

In the international film fest, sex is transparent blue paintbrush strokes flashing over two women or two men, rolling in naked cash, with eerie orange clouds drifting outside of softly lighted windows. And there’s a bulky suit with a pistol climbing the stairway; his stony, ruthless eyes foreshadowing the climax

Teen lovers doing it in the wild woods, and just as the scantily clad, barely legal woman is about to come … the beast-with-two-backs is torn apart and devoured by hillbilly circus freaks