Extend to Wall

blood pic with water

“Blood Water” – K. Shawn Edgar 2032

Extent to Wall


On Saturday, March 7, 1856 Magdalen Morales saw the face of Landin Qualm through the window glass and screamed:

Someone else laid this skin. Years ago. It was but a single mix, a fledge of flint. Simple bake. Take from it the little nourishment contained.

Face bait
she has an unpleasant
dead taste
Boiled egg waste

she won’t set right

indissoluble in the pit

upsetting crumble cries

from fiery demon thighs

Neighboring long-boned sailors

sadly cruising the shallows

K. Shawn Edgar | Word Whore | Soft on the Inside | Blurry


Midnight Disease

Some people swore
In their mean time
Forget those people
People can eat me
My fellow mastoids
Bright digits pulsing
Our zeitgeist morphs
Our ghosts are bacteria
New strains of Ebola
Old necrotizing fasciitis
Contemporary nightshades
Immune system destroyers
Enter as haunted whispers
Penetrating each cell wall
The new founding fathers
The undiscovered country
Ravaged by blunt understanding
Ravaged beyond our repair

K. Shawn Edgar | Goth Toad | Writer | Two-Dimensional Astronaut

Kill is Kiss

•Kill is Kiss: Never to Forget•
see the movie, hear the sounds

Forget the word
words that shaped the week
meaning the word weak
Extract their form
meaning is from form
formed weakly forgetting
sound the same
K ill is K ing
letters the same
same as letters
etched by air muppets
voiceless mouths of air
capture us letters stealing

L is Felicia element Kelly
No meaning between letters
from sounds tethered
links lettered

The page is turn
page is turn
page is turning
page is ing
page ing
paging is how it comes
paging is to come
word virus from
letters forming on tongue
crawling under cars
coming through windows
Influenza delivered by chords
it must fly the paging come
the outcome is coming out
sideways greeting me bye bye
Babies talk true from inside
Kill us affectionately words
Forget the word because
Its sense is weak
Make no is strength
Make no is turn
the sound is similar ing
page is turning my tide
shaping the weak

K. Shawn Edgar | Poet | Frost Demon | Freelance Human

Screenplay Outline “Boston” – First Half






  • Llynroc Orcmean, the owner of Nipple Ranch

  • Newark Notsob, his pilot and nipple hunter

  • Hugo Ronnoc, human nipple broker for Orcmean

  • Maggie String, human physicist

  • Fender Ohms, human friend and assistant to Maggie




Forbeians travel the multiverse harvesting humanoid nipples. On Forbes, their home planet, they use nipples in powdered form as a ritualistic aphrodisiac. Since this group has been traveling for some time, they have adapted the ritual to fit the surroundings on their spaceship. It is a crude, shortened version of the original. The CEO of a company called Nipple Ranch (known as Earth to humans) is Llynroc Orcmean. His Forbeians are highly advanced in many ways and consider humans to be nothing more than a source of nipples. Forbeians have no qualms about killing their humans for the harvest.




A visual representation of the alien nipple ritual on board the Forbeian spaceship. Sensual and erotic with intense attention to detail—a mortar and pestle grinding the nipples to powder, a hand turning the pages of a book, a lid to a jar twisting open, liquids dripping from eyedroppers into mouths and from leaf tips to bare skin.


It will not be clear in the beginning what is being ground in the mortar or who these creatures are. They look human except when shown closely they have smooth nipple-less chests. This scene will also introduce the characters of Orcmean and Notsob. Orcmean is the leader and observes the ritual from a platform a little above the scene.


It is obviously enjoyable for him as he lounges like a loin. Notsob circles the ritual, also catlike, but slowly moves in becoming a part of it. After a few moments, he is distracted by the flicker of a monitor on a complicated looking panel to one side of the room. The picture jumps and comes in and out until the solid image of a large alien appears, leaning into the camera. “This isn’t any of that cold synthetic shit,” the alien quips. He’s holding a jar of dark powder. “One hundred and ten percent natural human—“ Notsob approaches and hits the monitor, causing the picture to jump and role until another image appears, that of an easily recognizable human talk show host. Notsob totally loves humanoid entertainment and he smiles, leaning back in his chair.




Maggie String is peering again into the infinite. A video feedback loop on her TV spins and whirls as Fender Ohms moves a video camera in front of the screen. Fender appears uncomfortable and keeps pausing to adjust his shirt collar.

Smoother circles Fender, smoother circles,” says Maggie.

Fender frets some more and then steadies himself and begins to make nice smooth circles with the camera. The picture starts to shake and then disappears.

Oh, Fender Ohms. What do I pay you for? You’ve lost it again.”

Fender lowers the camera to his side. “Maggie, it’s this shirt. Static. It’s all static-y.”

Maggie puts one hand against the television set, and with the other she grabs hold of Fender’s collar. “Line dry—“ There is a crackling noise and then a jolt of electricity knocks Fender to the floor. Maggie jumps back. On the TV we see a large alien with a jar of dark powder. “There’s no better way to come than with real nipple gum. You know it. The immaculate ritual has proved it. When it comes to humanoid nipples, no one knows skin like Llynroc Orcmean. His Nipple Ranch grows only the finest crop of Humanoid nipples.” The large grinning face of Orcmean appears, filling the screen.




Disbelief and confusion. Maggie and Fender are facing each other over a plate of cheese fries. “What do you think that was?” Asks Fender.

Jingle Bell Rock,” Maggie replies.

I think it was a joke. You know, one of those parody commercials, like on SNL…Jingle Bell Rock?”

Jingle Bell Rock, it’s the secret.”

The secret to what?”

The meaning’s in the lyrics.”

Did I get up and leave, missing a crucial part of the conversation, then sit down again, and not know it?” Fender is confused.

Jingle Bell Rock? The song. You know the song, right? Jingle. Bell. Rock,” Maggie over enunciates each word.

Yes, yes. Jingle Bell Rock. I know the song. But what does that have—“

It’s an Extra Terrestrial message intended to translate the secret of the formation of the planets in our galaxy.” Maggie shouts this out in a way that causes an obvious disturbance throughout the restaurant. “But it was accidentally intercepted by (guy who wrote and sang the song first), who interpreted it to be music and then published the damn song; consequently changing the course of human history.”

I still think that was an SNL parody.”

We should be worried about this…”

I am. See, I’m eating cheese fries to cover my fear.”


Renee Raincoat


We’ve got nothing better to do, than watch TV and have a couple of brews —Black Flag – TV Party


Popular modern radar techniques for tracking civil unrest include the latest teachings of Prof. Neptune Radcliffe. He orchestrated Syria and is on Ass-hat’s black ops payroll. Oh, but it’s not what you think—okay, maybe, but don’t you think it’s always the Red Water Bucket that burns an alien invader’s skin, and that’s one sure sign of growing unrest: the paranoid delusions showing our simultaneous creation-inflation of nonhuman enemies. You can see it, Renee Raincoat, all over the network communiques. Only there’s mighty push back from The Minders, who thrust divisions into our commonality—class separation and borders give them control. The best way to build a united, progressive populace is shown in the science of our many fictional worlds. We will stop fighting each other and join together when They come.


Giant insects, or

dual universe inhabitants

they all grow up from

the active blood soil

nurturing our thoughts

Take this to the people

lovely Renee Raincoat

It’s fertilizer for our unrest

pesticide for our senses

Creative expression disguises

our secret language of rebellion

But until we use it in full force

our common apathy and slothfulness

allow those who fear our freedom

easy control: the few over the many

It’s a victory for divisional tactics

which The Minders use to stir our pot

violently keeping us from gelling

as whole, true humans of Earth

Protect and inspire us, Renee Raincoat

within your fabulous fabric of fiction




Dozing in the Vein

fancy art shot

image: “Dozing in the Vein” by k. shawn edgar

I wish I could say
I have no regrets
But I’ve got them
dozing in my veins
And they’re currently
not sleeping well
Bloody pus cocktails
floating and bumping
clogging up the works
with little umbrellas
those plastic swords
cutting off the flow of
oxygen-depleted blood
Will my heart breathe

One old friend and I
as kids in Philomath OR
would sword fight
or cross the streams
in the bathroom
with sugared-up pee
This is not a regret
It’s an antibody
to revenge the fall
all the things undone
circulating in regret serum
dead on the bacterial frontline
It’s a salute to everybody’s
soft, moist, flowing
inner world of tissue
muscle gut brain blood sap
as it’s attacked & invaded
by aggressive micro-aliens
of would-have-beens
from moment-one until
the final moment-zero