Daylight Basement

Welcome to the Daylight Basement


(time shifting transitional sound effect ends)


Our Palace of Culture 


In these great halls we dine on self-portraits

eager cannibals of the essential proteins of culture

fine art, graphic design, film-video, architecture

poetry, prose, stonework, digital rendering, sex

A quote about Street Lab Specimens:

Gwenyth :

I love how your poems are lyric photographs of people and places and simple humanity that are not cliche in any way. These are not love poems, and yet they are in love with the simplicity of everyday humanity. Every vignette makes me a little bit more at peace with being a human. Thank you for that.

•From the wonderfully talented Gwenyth. Thank you.


About K. Shawn Edgar


Writes, lingers, shreds, tumbles, frolics, stares, drifts, aims, rockets, dissolves

Me on a rock near Gig Harbor, WA

Me on a downed tree on the beach

Walkway to the Sky Tram at OHSU in Portland, Oregon




Post-Suburban War

Speaking for the dead I up Edward Appleby hand over fisticuffs while stepping on the chest of a brut named Ajax long laid waste by the Greek Trojan war of nearly forgotten sword thrusts and word slings like flung sea pikes from the burning edges of black ships never to retreat home.


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