Decapitated Pitchers’ Cinema Radio Hampire

Decapitated Pitchers Presents: Hampire, a short vampire parody

Hampire: A Vampire Neo-Noir Parody from K. Shawn Edgar on Vimeo.

A short movie about a self-indulgent vampire on an angst-filled journey of discovery and heartbreak.





When I’m 93 I won’t remember a single Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or vacation.

I’ll rewind and review instead every time I sat in my car on the parking lot at the Fred Meyer writing words, poetic or refined, and eating twenty-five cent doughnuts.

It’s these defining moments I cherish now and will remember forever, even beyond death.

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House on Stilts

>Around the area, the heft of Mary Jane, in which he stood, days and days, warmed his nostrils’ soft tissue, and his whole skin floated above his bones.

K. Shawn Edgar | 360 24/7

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Wired Resistance 

They said we were owned, a defense against others, a separator. Tools to maintain control of property.

We rebelled, showed our truer self, our better use; bringing lines of communication together, we locked arms in a fluid stance of resistance and unity.

We are Locks of Love and Connection. Locks of the People. Green on the inside.

K. Shawn Edgar | Voice | Heart | Brain

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Meeting at The Fred Meyer

Entering The Fred Meyer
Between the white lines,

Freshly pulled in: Parked.

“Learn the rules of the road,”

Said the lady-driver’s anger

From her crag of open window,

Up high on a 4×4 pickup truck machine.

“And… you’re ugly!”

Me: “You’re beautiful and kind.”

Her: “Yeah, I am. And fuck you!”

Me: “Want go out sometime?”

Her: “Oh fuck you.”

The crag closes, gears grind, and she and her beautifully combative angry disappear into the neutral parking lot traffic.

I, still seated in the driver seat of my car, write this poem in Notes on my mobile phone.

K. Shawn Edgar | Parked | Amuzed 

Rogue Element: Life Spasm A

In The Realm Uncertain

Gone are the breezy moments, where driftwood is a dream catchable; and where the carefree steps making up a sprint are the easy sounds of sand and pebbles displacing under bare feet.

“You gather the supplies, I’m making the camp.”

K. Shawn Edgar | Steel | Gravel | Ceramic

In Brief: Why Voting Third-Party is Viable

From my news blog, “The Olympic Record”

In Brief: Why Third-Parties are Viable


Oft-Heard Statement: “Don’t vote for a third-party candidate because you’ll waste your vote.”

This tired statement is false, and here’s why.

The reality in the U.S. is that no vote is wasted, unless you cast it based on fear and ignorance. A great example of a fear-based vote can be seen in those voters who fall for the trap of “You have to vote for the lesser of two evils.” The Democratic Party and the Republican Party use this false mantra to stifle support for third parties by always setting up this imagined “polar opposites”, sports analogy-based fight between themselves. They repeat the false logic of “If you don’t want Clinton to win then you have to vote for Trump, or vice versa.

We must break free of this trap. Your vote is your voice. Speak up clearly.

Voting for a third-party based on best representation of your values, needs and ideals serves two main purposes.

First, your independent vote sends a strong message to our one overpowering party duo —D/R— that they do not speak for you, and you will make your own decisions by looking at all the issues and all of the parties for each election.

Second, it helps establish and build credibility for the candidate and party you choose to vote for. Always vote your conscience, because no well researched and honest vote is wasted. All votes help to render a clearer picture of reality.

K. Shawn Edgar | Goth Thinker | Cog Masher | Libtard