A Daylight Basement Stroll

A Daylight Basement Stroll on Fixed-gear 2016

A Daylight Basement Stroll from K. Shawn Edgar on Vimeo.

K. Shawn Edgar | University Place, WA | Two-Wheels


Phone Test: Revenge of the iPhone 4s(ith)

A Followup Video to My iPhone Test Parody

Revenge of the iPhone 4sith from K. Shawn Edgar on Vimeo.

K. Shawn Edgar | Working outside the pyramid | Faulty Tower of Nugget | Repost

VYW-8 To Substation 4

Train off track, empty caves and closets. Screen glare to audiovisual disharmony , so as too… sense dissonance.

Chairs, flat back ~> floor. On feet. Feet in sturdy boots. A caustic stew of unstable words. Not King’s Fool, but… the fool of Wands. The family entitlement fool, knows little else ~> shaped of despot lineage and resources hoarding.

Train off track…. We good citizens of lost country, redirect this off kilter momentum. Substation four is waiting. That teem of Tower and Oval Office, stale blood money water, polluted. Empty it through gapping knife holes — it’s our best way.

K. Shawn Edgar | 201& | Year of Brutus



How Can We INVERT Our Economic Pyramid?

How do we invert a pyramid?

If it takes hundreds of millions of workers to support a much smaller number of “governing elite”, could we invert the pyramid to use a few “elites” at the base to support hundreds of millions of citizens living equitably? Flip the hierarchy, and drive the tip of the pyramid into the ground.

Hitchcock’s Lost Gravel Rider’s Bicycle Film 1953

Bear, Bike, Gunpowder

K. Shawn Edgar | 2017


Smokin Dust Till Dawn

Movie Time


Glorious Heights Inverted


|glorious heights inverted|

Humanity grows as the trees grow;

Solid and wide at the bottom,

And then branching, narrowing, and splintering into knotted blackened spikes at the top.


Until ever-increasing rot trickles downward, spreading slow death, toppling all.





K. Shawn Edgar | Less Stettled | Grim Colliser