Bridge at St. Remains

Notes and Rants from YouTube Comment Section


True, but I think many people do maintain a high level of integrity, and we should encourage everyone in that regard. However, it only takes one dishonest voice to start an avalanche of disinformation. As for it being even worse “the opposite way around,” governments and cultures that have strictly controlled speech and assembly by overtly censoring and brutalizing citizens don’t tend to last because that kind of control forces the people to act, to rise up, rather than just talk.

Hamlet: That I, the son of a dear father murder’d, prompted to my revenge by heaven and hell, must, like a whore, unpack my heart with words….

There are a couple of exceptions to the failure of that method, of course, like North Korea. But the best control is the babbling brook of excessive freedoms without due responsibility and regulation.

K. Shawn Edgar | Florid Fellow


Waiting in the Bike Lane at an Intersection in Tacoma

If Wells Fargo were Safeway, would the money in its vaults taste like Death by Chocolate and cheap beer? Would midnight to 4 AM see an endless queue of drunk, snack-craving depositors and closing-shift employees ready to night-drop bulging till bags of Teriyaki vomit and tattered twenties?

As the ejaculating cars thrust forward, piercing the diaphragmatic intersection, the red glow of the stoplight grows old, blurred and meaningless with the wait. Peak pressure. Full aperture: green light. I remain balanced, track standing for an extra moment next to the street’s vacuous storm drain. Will it rain on Tuesday?

How long could a vulture capitalist scam like Target exist in a society that prized quality and authenticity over quantity and expedience? And, if so realized, would its people’s feet rest easier in socks from manufacturers that supported rather than preyed on the majority of its citizens?

Green to yellow, it’s such a brief intercourse, and then yellow to red. I remain balanced on two wheels with two narrow tires made in some other country with softer, less healthy, manufacturing and export regulations for a company that craves a “slight” increase in profits for a slightly increased chance of success … of raises to engorge its top two percent’s cushy wealth.

If Bank of America were Defiance Bicycles on Fawcett Avenue, would its half-dead denizen debtors slowly but assuredly progress into healthier, balanced and self-empowered people on a true path to prosperity?

The red light bursts into an emerald green, blinding all eyes trapped behind windshield glass, and I push forward with a dynamite enthusiasm born on pedals and steel.

K. Shawn Edgar | Cumulative | Alt. 62,000 Ft. | Pumpkin Spiced

Extend to Wall

blood pic with water

“Blood Water” – K. Shawn Edgar 2032

Extent to Wall


On Saturday, March 7, 1856 Magdalen Morales saw the face of Landin Qualm through the window glass and screamed:

Someone else laid this skin. Years ago. It was but a single mix, a fledge of flint. Simple bake. Take from it the little nourishment contained.

Face bait
she has an unpleasant
dead taste
Boiled egg waste

she won’t set right

indissoluble in the pit

upsetting crumble cries

from fiery demon thighs

Neighboring long-boned sailors

sadly cruising the shallows

K. Shawn Edgar | Word Whore | Soft on the Inside | Blurry

Letter to the Community


Complying with dictates of Sapphire Heights I must reveal to you that I have a fetish for toilets. The solid, white porcelain, the high ceilings, and the sterile looking walls with frosted glass windows set in sturdy white oak casements. It’s all so ovarian. The aroma of urinal cakes draws me in every time. It’s the same scent as birth. Restrooms are the nonhuman functionaries of every building in the city. And yet, through architecture and upkeep, they never fail to capture the true culture and politics of the time. Contrarily, human functionaries are the keepers of the lie, not the symbols of truth.

It’s just such birth—raw, aroma-filled, productive birth—that I aim to bring to Sapphire Heights. The birthing of ideas and cloud castle conversations that build over time to defend, to encompass, to ingratiate, and to beautify. All loose and mobile as the clouds, and that’s why I believe the fawning founders of Sapphire Heights wished me to put forth the effort of this letter … so you, my future neighbors, will know something about me before I come.

And I am coming. Just as I did earlier today in the men’s restroom at Central Plaza Banks. Hard, at the urinal, I came as sort of a preemptive strike to level our playing field. Really it was just a way of preparing myself to write this letter, to expose myself to you—a Shakespearean dumb show, if you will.

You might think of it like this: my version of the Sam Harris “Camel’s Back” nuclear attack on anyone who follows Islam. Right? In his opinion, because some of us are convinced that the Islamic doctrine gives them the potential for unrestrained violence against us, then we should use unrestrained violence first. Only substitute, “anyone who follows Islam” for “anyone who lives in a high-priced, gated community” and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Urinal cakes. They buzz with the wavelengths reserved for cautionary signs and unnatural things one should not eat. I eat those things. I ignore those signs. So you, community of Sapphire Heights, need me at the forefront to guide you out of containment and forward toward eye-peeling awareness of a fearless life. A life of act, before acted upon.

I am coming. And you know it within the truest heart of your hearts.

Kill is Kiss

•Kill is Kiss: Never to Forget•
see the movie, hear the sounds

Forget the word
words that shaped the week
meaning the word weak
Extract their form
meaning is from form
formed weakly forgetting
sound the same
K ill is K ing
letters the same
same as letters
etched by air muppets
voiceless mouths of air
capture us letters stealing

L is Felicia element Kelly
No meaning between letters
from sounds tethered
links lettered

The page is turn
page is turn
page is turning
page is ing
page ing
paging is how it comes
paging is to come
word virus from
letters forming on tongue
crawling under cars
coming through windows
Influenza delivered by chords
it must fly the paging come
the outcome is coming out
sideways greeting me bye bye
Babies talk true from inside
Kill us affectionately words
Forget the word because
Its sense is weak
Make no is strength
Make no is turn
the sound is similar ing
page is turning my tide
shaping the weak

K. Shawn Edgar | Poet | Frost Demon | Freelance Human

Renee Raincoat


We’ve got nothing better to do, than watch TV and have a couple of brews —Black Flag – TV Party


Popular modern radar techniques for tracking civil unrest include the latest teachings of Prof. Neptune Radcliffe. He orchestrated Syria and is on Ass-hat’s black ops payroll. Oh, but it’s not what you think—okay, maybe, but don’t you think it’s always the Red Water Bucket that burns an alien invader’s skin, and that’s one sure sign of growing unrest: the paranoid delusions showing our simultaneous creation-inflation of nonhuman enemies. You can see it, Renee Raincoat, all over the network communiques. Only there’s mighty push back from The Minders, who thrust divisions into our commonality—class separation and borders give them control. The best way to build a united, progressive populace is shown in the science of our many fictional worlds. We will stop fighting each other and join together when They come.


Giant insects, or

dual universe inhabitants

they all grow up from

the active blood soil

nurturing our thoughts

Take this to the people

lovely Renee Raincoat

It’s fertilizer for our unrest

pesticide for our senses

Creative expression disguises

our secret language of rebellion

But until we use it in full force

our common apathy and slothfulness

allow those who fear our freedom

easy control: the few over the many

It’s a victory for divisional tactics

which The Minders use to stir our pot

violently keeping us from gelling

as whole, true humans of Earth

Protect and inspire us, Renee Raincoat

within your fabulous fabric of fiction




Microchipped for Love of Country

:A Little something for Funny Bunny Fridays : Week 13:

It’s like a world without care, where candy is dandy.

Microchipped for Love of Country

Daisy Romney, it’s crazy
falling, lying, thieving
all missteps corrected
Your pull is majestic
forgiveness universal
It’s a blood-oath cell bomb
no longer doing wrong

Daisy Romney, you’ve made
a believer out of me
Sub-root process divine
your laser eye scalpel
incision successful
I’m an angel reordered
to your campaign so plain

The silicon penetration
for devotional obedience
subcutaneously slotted
by your godly cool hands
warmly working, and low

Daisy Romney, you’ve transformed
this Hater into a microchipped
love slave for the greater good
Your own greater good

Purple Glitter Party for President

P.S. Say hi to Mitt