Breathe in Candle, Exhale Flame

Clouds run between me and the sun. One moment I’m warm and charged; the next, cold and alarmed. When the world becomes too drab and burly to act or create, I play Civilization in bed until the batteries die a sudden death. My fullscreen maneuverings for world domination don’t allow for low-battery warnings. It’s like that, warm moments go cold. Suddenly.

Spacetime runs between Sun and its Singularity; one moment it’s warm and charged; the next, well… the next might be some distant next yet to come, or far in the past. So say we all. So say we all. I say I’ll be dust. I say I’ll be playing Civilization, or Torch Light, or I’ll mash the pedals ongoing through the dark, dying treelined paths, over dirt more real and meaningful than my skin. Than my teeth. Than my brain, always thinking. Take my words. Take my words and put them…

Next to the dying fires rest the happiest travelers. They sleep directly on the ground, feeling that which is truest: Earth. The warm and cold of it. The supple galbe sweeping supportively from bare feet to head. They ride the changes, naturally.

K. Shawn Edgar | Incumbent | Mutable | Shadowy



2 thoughts on “Breathe in Candle, Exhale Flame

    • In Brief: Why Third-Parties are Viable

      Oft-Heard Statement: “Don’t vote for a third-party candidate because you’ll waste your vote.”

      This tired statement is false, and here’s why.

      The reality in the U.S. is that no vote is wasted, unless you cast it based on fear and ignorance. A great example of a fear-based vote can be seen in those voters who fall for the trap of “You have to vote for the lesser of two evils.” The Democratic Party and the Republican Party use this false mantra to stifle support for third parties by always setting up this imagined “polar opposites”, sports analogy-based fight between themselves. They repeat the false logic of “If you don’t want Clinton to win then you have to vote for Trump, or vice versa.

      We must break free of this trap. Your vote is your voice. Speak up clearly.
      Voting for a third-party based on best representation of your values, needs and ideals serves two main purposes.

      First, your independent vote sends a strong message to our one overpowering party duo —D/R— that they do not speak for you, and you will make your own decisions by looking at all the issues and all the parties for each election.

      Second, it helps establish and build credibility for the candidate and party you choose to vote for. Always vote your conscience, because no well-researched and honest vote is wasted. All votes help to render a clearer picture of reality.


      K. Shawn Edgar | Green Party | Goth Thinker | Libtard


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