Disruptor, I 

Like Flags & Cars, They Wave & Fade​

I spent two hours today wandering around inside Fred Meyer, disordering items on the shelves, messing and rearranging. This is not for monetary gain. It’s for pleasure. I’m doing the same now, at a different store. You might think this rude or unhelpful. You’d be wrong. It’s enabling progress. It’s poking the static jelly of conformity to encourage innovation. Trust me, I know what I’m doing.
Stagnation is the fertilizer of monopoly, the seed of entitlement, and the corrupter of their legitimate great, great, great grandchild, US capitalism. So, today, I disrupt their frontline fortifications, their “public face”. It’s like a country’s flag, limp against the pole, needing the stiff influence of fresh wind. I blow the entrenched; I disrupt their milkshake.

K. Shawn Edgar | Poker | Disruptor | Weird Dancer 


Photo by Woodheavy Brown 


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