Caledfwich is Sovereignty for All

Suspended locomotion;
all blades bright exposed and raised,
fly not but freeze upon the vexed air.
Steady this chaos of aggression, Sovereign.
The very molecules of life resist you.
Earth’s freshest breath cannot be yours,
Caledfwich, known in manuscript as Excalibur,
is symbol of accomplishment, not a birth right.
You raise it now against the humanist heart,
against all of a kind—familiar and equal;
stay thy thrust, remand thy steel to its honest home.
Custody is not a lone venture, when peace is Queen.
Your greatest achievements are now as stone,
smoothed grey and near forgotten—Lady is calling.
Return her sharpest metal, Caledfwich, to the lake of rock;
it is time for slumber and thought.

A companion moving image can be found here: Caledfwich Video

K. Shawn Edgar | Bane of Time | Night Shifter | Darkest Light


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