Waterfront Searchers

pic of waterfront search land

“JPG Waterfront Search” Photo by K. Shawn Edgar

Waterfront Searchers

“Take me out … to the black; tell ’em I ain’t coming back.”

—You know who sang it – 2002

“Once, in flight school, I was laconic.”

I’m no longer in flight school.

I speak with strangers in whispery chirps,

breaking words into nonexistent syllables:

H e low st rain ger s d ream ing bot tel roc ket s

Weird, soft wisps of bird-like thoughts

coming out my mouth in all lower case:

light is a softly scream sliver once tasted.

High and above the head, like circling halos

letters as sounds, not quite recognizable.

The tonally laconic double-tap of a pensive priest

afoul the empty building windows, speaking in O’s.

Orchestrated glass cracks and whitewashed tag coverages

matte painted on a facade of ginger candy wrappers.

I sully my truest thoughts with these florid words.

K. Shawn Edgar | Half-Tone | Goth Newt | Layabout


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