Don’t Go In It’s A Trap

Pic of Love Under Lights

Photo Creds: K. Shawn Edgar & Woodheavy Brown

Let me paint you a movie on wax-covered cylinders. They will go round and round, so you don’t have to.

Cylinder One

(Press Here)

Man at the storefront. Woman at the fountain. Let the lens decide. Pull focus or dolly forth? It’s the balance of equals; the split-screen of one possible equation of humanity, moving in a 360-degree spin. A dark carnival for the examination of our loves, appearing in black-and-white, only when viewed from the corner of our eyes. Freeze frame. Open your aperture settings and let the fullness of light stream in. It’s all the colors humanly visible and invisible, flourishing in dynamic overlays. Curtain.

K. Shawn Edgar | Frost Demon | Lower Being | Subhuman


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