Hot Lava

Time, it moves me
and when it cools
it slows me
Half the time
half the songs
roll me
Time, it strolls with me
rolls me
I feel the past and present
always together
Half the time
the scales are gray
past and present together
Time, it flows for me
from the mountains
and over the earth-n-rock
hot lava
it slows me
and I know the faces
have changed
point by point
and I know the mini-generations
have raised up and changed up
And every new one thinks
hot lava
we’re new and we’re original
Time, it grows me
slow then fast then slow
Half the time
half the blows
fall from out the Blue
200 cinematic jump cuts
down the slopes
and over the cliffs
Time, it moves me
until the arrows out weight
the energy of my strides
and when it slows
it cools me
And when it slows
hot lava
forms the crust
raised up, changed up
from the mountains
to the valleys

K. Shawn Edgar | Hedge Goon | Live Bait | Earthworm


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