The • Birthing of • Donkey Kong Jr.




The. Birthing of. Donkey Kong Jr.


A brother’s love

is muscle pumping

deeply into the Sea

of a sister’s fraternal



Father’s always right,

and now

brother’s never wrong


He, a bodybuilding smile

She, a builder of mirth illusions


Like cob in the northwest,

she ages with a glimmer

of healthy sheen outside,

and a withering rot inside


He grows bolder with cheers,

travel, and island sunshine

always forcing fraternal luv

when fate draws sis to bro


Nine months, now, are gone

The water, it flows turbulent

between reluctant thighs;

a cry is heard in 8-bit tones,

a hammer raised high


Then, with simian grace,

a fluid-slicked, furry head

pops our live-action bubble

exposing cartoon colored

platforms and ladders


The hospital becomes level 1

as little DK jr. begins to climb,

leaving sister and brother

shaking violently on the floor


K. Shawn Edgar • Writer • Humorist • Mad AssAssin


5 thoughts on “The • Birthing of • Donkey Kong Jr.

  1. I’ll admit, I had to read this several times: first-I found the words so very interesting, second-I found the images bizarre and captivating, third-it was just a cool and wonderful read…
    Thank you.


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