Awfully Blackened Retro Comedy


Awfully Blackened Retro Comedy


In the future of the Buffyverse – say 25 or 30 years – a question will be added to the long list of Medicare/Medicaid questions asked at medical offices and hospitals: “Do you have Black Lung disease caused by vampire slaying?”

Buffy will say: Sure, but I heal quickly.

Xander will grumble: You’re not wrong. Black Lung’s made me its butt-monkey. And carpenter’s elbow. And arthritic fingers. And…

Willow will reply: Well, I did. And then I used the positive magics…. Meditation can cure anything.

Spike will spit: I bloody well don’t. No breath, you git.

Angel will mumble: Huh, hello. Vampire. I don’t breathe.




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