Chaos Composed



Chaos Composed


If you put me in your play

I’ll learn my lines whole, as I

might grow a second skin, and

slither between your candescent words

where no space was meant to be.


Block me out, motion for motion;

pace my steps to my hand gestures

the way a puppeteer plucks a human

banjo’s tendons and fleshy sinews,

making with the vocal chord music.


We can collude, extrude stage business,

like rearranging books, or flipping coins

over fingers and I’m a mixed drinks guy.

Start me rolling with a lighting cue;

I’ll unbutton my shirt, tip my hat, bang.

The whole show will soar to abrupt ovations

with your chill direction; chaotic impulses

composed by nods, beats, and lights.





•Shot from my iGun into your bulletproof devices: K. Shawn Edgar•


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