Bubble Sea Lights



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Bubble Sea Lights – The Living Moist


I’ve been away

dripping poison

drilling holes

draining self pity


Actual and imagined


Why does it

fill again


What lake of black

feeds it


So continuing—

pictures drawn

on wet lead glass

lead to unyielding




red on porcelain

cells cling to stream

finding least resistance

running down the drain


To those who say no

don’t do it

you’ve got crosses

on your eyes


Inside’s beautiful

Outside’s dying


Our dry shell

hides the living moist


Why not let it free

safe on Earth

in air we can breath


M-class planet

only if we have our

dead cell suit intact


Open enough skin

might as well be

on a gas giant

like Jupiter


But out there

it’s free space waiting



cocoon leisure jackets

offer little protection

beneath bubble sea lights


Though fully couch safe

they do not breathe well

in Poseidon’s bathtub

where red is the color

of the truly alive




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