Sensations of the Senseless



Sensations of the Senseless



paired with


key ingredients of ozonic cupcakes

stirring fruitless fluffy feelings

and imbued with an extra atom, oh my


Punch me with your eyes

it marks me more deeply

I’ll tongue your wounds

those of my making, or

those that came before

You arrived heavily laden

I wasn’t so light myself


|History of one becomes

the history of two|


So my lifeboat failed you

dumping us in waste water


Now, I’m feeling senseless



Timeless avalanche of anger

melodramatic revenge plots

Oldboy eating a Monte Cristo

Only my prison is mindful

its grey matter jumpsuit

fitted for self incarceration


UVB bounces off my windows

while UVA bores into my skin

stirring fruitless fluffy feelings

even in the sanctum of indoors

on a bed we used to share



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