Fat Eyed Woman or Kissing My Brother



Fat Eyed Woman or Kissing My Brother

Video Image First Date

Photo of Music Video (Blink-182) by K. Shawn Edgar




Circa 2004

Have you seen the Day’s Inn across from Pilot Travel Center?

There’s 73 yards of poorly laid asphalt seeded with snack wrappers

          |standing between|

head peeling from pillow and ice-blended coffee taste

Mel Brooks is on an air freshener crumpled with a gas receipt

weaving me around what could be blood spill or hotdog drippings

Now a door chime cues a jazz cover of Blink-182’s First Date

          |”Forever, and ever, let’s make this last forever”|


The woman has a dentatus-toothed lip arch, might be a smile

might be a gateway to dental hell or cavernous conversations

spiked by bear trap punctuation and echoey subtextual mists

She’s bleach-water spraying the sandwich bar countertops

dirty-rag slopping water droplet rainbows off the synth metal

as her fat-hampered eyeballs strain to project happiness

          |”Is it wrong, if I think it’s lame to dance?”|


I’m pulling the lever, filling a plastic cup with frosty coffee ooze

Grizzly bears can’t run downhill, says Hikers Delight magazine

Only its glossy cover is splattered by blood or hotdog drippings

as a starling-chested man leafs through Astronauts and Artichokes

the very issue my mailman said was “lost” in transit last month—

chomping a foot-long with its ketchup river like the Nile flowing

          |”Let’s go, don’t wait. This night’s almost over”|


Checkout change pile, wadded cash bills, bag stuffed, head nod

Cleverly guessing convenience breeds impersonalization bounty

I flirt-smile at the fat eyed woman, rag ringing popcorn chunks

Blink’s music video starts with a story about kissing one’s brother

          |”Forever, and ever, let’s make this last forever”|




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