Captured Notions



She talks to me through her brown-&-orange-striped scarf

Nanny-knuckles of bunny fluff spring to life with each breath

because she raises rabbits on her mother’s farm east of Olympia

for food, for pets, for cat companions; plus she’s studying at college

an older than average student, she says, though younger than some


Her hair is a revenge movie of traps, sharp angles, & splatter effects

It hooks me; slitting me open from throat to navel, a tasty fresh fish

I feel myself filling with synthetic taxidermic stuffing, to a lifelike effect

with all senses alive and working, yet immobile; a hare in her headlights

another piece in a statue’s parade; she’s capturing human sounding boards

and we become bunnies—for food, for pets, for cat companions



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