Blooming Lovers


You shed me like your stained lab coat after the cloning

After the practiced copy and paste you peel my neoprene

Suddenly blooming angles become slopes terraformed cruelly

as plain surfaces mutiny into purple-green-orange carnivals

Truest lovely, your fist-and-nail birthing of my ill successors

is the physical actualization that definition of insanity describes

Rinse and repeat, repeat and rinse; failure is a feedback loop

It multiplies your addition, leaving mounds of rotting debris

The decay is clouding your senses, leaving your mind isolated

on a surface far from life, deep in a pit of focused synthetic fiber

But I am still with you, crammed deep under your ragged nails

flecks of the original lover, the one you attempt to approximate

while dressed only in a stained lab coat and lacy daisy rain boots

I will sustain you, even as the copies die and crumble around you



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