Renee Raincoat


We’ve got nothing better to do, than watch TV and have a couple of brews —Black Flag – TV Party


Popular modern radar techniques for tracking civil unrest include the latest teachings of Prof. Neptune Radcliffe. He orchestrated Syria and is on Ass-hat’s black ops payroll. Oh, but it’s not what you think—okay, maybe, but don’t you think it’s always the Red Water Bucket that burns an alien invader’s skin, and that’s one sure sign of growing unrest: the paranoid delusions showing our simultaneous creation-inflation of nonhuman enemies. You can see it, Renee Raincoat, all over the network communiques. Only there’s mighty push back from The Minders, who thrust divisions into our commonality—class separation and borders give them control. The best way to build a united, progressive populace is shown in the science of our many fictional worlds. We will stop fighting each other and join together when They come.


Giant insects, or

dual universe inhabitants

they all grow up from

the active blood soil

nurturing our thoughts

Take this to the people

lovely Renee Raincoat

It’s fertilizer for our unrest

pesticide for our senses

Creative expression disguises

our secret language of rebellion

But until we use it in full force

our common apathy and slothfulness

allow those who fear our freedom

easy control: the few over the many

It’s a victory for divisional tactics

which The Minders use to stir our pot

violently keeping us from gelling

as whole, true humans of Earth

Protect and inspire us, Renee Raincoat

within your fabulous fabric of fiction





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