Glad Body


K. Shawn Edgar’s

Glad Body


Gallop sea

a waterway

from human cell

to human heart

to soulful fusion


Shame is naught

if hearts need cells

because cells are hearts

if people need people

floating Gallop sea together

because cells are people

people needing people who

need proper compatible proteins

Cells to people to people to cells


With various avenues

existing simultaneously

why focus on the commonplace

when better are shunned

for no reason but the main

to separate heart from humanity’s

natural need to continue and thrive


If one body passes

people need people too

Why waste cells to body to grave

when cells could pass body to body

Shame is naught if hearts need cells

Waste of body is the shameful act

Eat what you kill, they say

It applies to the entire animal realm


The charge of secondhand blood

same as your exchangeable blood

circulating from one heart to body

into the next conjoining of cells

This is our true nature only hidden

below the Minder’s false taboos



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