The Lint in His Cuffs



The Lint in His Cuffs


Well I’d ‘a danced, like the queen of the eyesores…”

James Mercer (The Shins)


Truman Capote was 6’6”

He tucked his neck and shoulders

into his waistcoat

into his sweater vest

into his soft linen overcoat

so as to appear 5’2”

Turnbuckle truetype

he drove big into small

to increase the grandeur

of saying a lot for a little


Human stature is the opposite

falsely inflated by The Minders

to convenience the other animals

we were the top of the tree

With numerous safeguards in place

we’ve held sway for many years

and we all know what safeguard

spells when turned backward

It spells nothing at all


Truman Capote plucked the lint

right from his pressed trouser cuffs

to make a pillow of truth for his head

In the tumble buffs of airy dreams

he inverted the tree, big into small

so as to subvert The Minders’ will

This is the Capote challenge now

reversing falsehoods into truths

to destroy all the Minder taboos

Our ongoing natural human path

is fully like the lint in his cuffs

glory and understanding concealed

by the illusion of pressed trousers


Be 6’6” in whatever size you’re framed

by tearing away the pressed glamour

of fine linen trousers, cuffs and all



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