Robyn in San Diego


Robyn in San Diego



There was this time-locked

moment in San Diego, California

when we had sex on some rocks

We’d walked down from the cars

aiming for the beach night glow

only to become entangled in kisses

spilling over unforgiving crevices


Rock hard, we joked in serious moans

Layer the jackets; didn’t bring jackets

for the warm summer air insulated us

We floated on the buoyancy of sweat

Love had a liquid state, inside rushing

shifting us solid to solid to oxygen



Then, a week later, at Fashion Valley

parking lot intended for credit armies

we lined our cars side by side—69

in opposite directions, away rushing

Yours pointed toward house & husband

Mine aimed as escape pod toward OR

Play time was up and the sun setting

I drove forward, watching your little

car shrink in my rearview memory



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