cAr shoCK


Driving my car

after seven months

hoofing it, pedaling it, or

being chauffeured around

I’m now behind the wheel

trying to add up the parts

remember the safety scrolls

It is all a giant HD screen

flattened dimensions passing

as I adjust angles, dials


Shift, throttle, brake, and signal

separating distractions from

meaningful traffic indicators

I negotiate a coffee drive-thru

parking lots, pedestrians, peddlers

but on the highway boredom sets in

Holy crap, how to stay awake

nothing to do but stare and steer

Shake head, slap face, popping eyes

Bicycles are more fun I realize, and

then I’m on the highway shoulder

slamming door, tossing keys in ditch



7 thoughts on “cAr shoCK

  1. This is too fun. I’ve lived in big cities with good public transport, or like now, small towns in which I can walk everywhere within a half hour. It;s been years since I’ve had to toss any car keys in a ditch. Good luck with that.


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