Phasing 1972

Trash Bin Dust Up

-The Phasing of Three Historic Events-


Lasse Virén 1972


Ceylon. Munich. Olympics.


Lucien Rosa:

I’m gonna hate you with my fist

I’m gonna make you twist

I’m gonna run you into the ground

I’m gonna dump on you like a hound

Let the “Happy Games” begin


Lasse Virén:

A brick in the teeth is one man’s reply

I prefer a razor-blade makeup facelift

Let the sweat drip and the blood spill

My fist’s a termagant of phased energy


Lucien Rosa:

I’ll take a punch to change Dominion to Republic

Fuck your Termagants and Crueler Phase Inducers

They only eat up all the world’s energy

They’re your angry Angels with the Headlights

Night phantoms that curse our new Republic of Love


Lasse Virén:

With the power of the Flying Finns I denounce you

I’ll run, fight, and pound fists to face to empty you

Let history mark my records on the flesh of Sri Lanka

And little will be known of your efforts at Munich 



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