Tube Socks


Clean out the garage

reorganize the closets

it’s Spring

Spring, I’m telling you

A Super-8 film projector, sweet!

Everyone loves the smell of burned

celluloid in the morning (paraphrased movie quote, what?!)

Six shuttlecocks in a see-through plastic box …

that’s going on Craigslist—slightly used, outdoor games, fun

Look there, under the cardboard boxes, the forgotten scrapbooks

a Caso VC200 vacuum-sealed black plastic bag filled with … wait for it

Tube Socks! Those rock!

Forget the cleaning, and throw off the reorganization oppression

it’s Spring

Put on those blue- and orange-striped tube socks that rock

Pull that rusted three-speed Bianchi from under the canvas tarp

Clean the roads of their apathy and motor oil; indeed,

streets are meant for transport of all kinds, forget the engines

Reorganize the pinecones and bottle caps, the cigarette butts and coffee cups

it’s Spring

Use those puny legs and arms for your power; they rock like tube socks!

It’s Spring


Picture from this site: SkaterSocks



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