Silly little Dream

Had a silly little dream

with crustaceans dancing

and a spunky tiger named Pip

Everyone was eating candy

chocolate covered pinecones

specked with bio-green sprinkles

You were there on a silver unicycle

wearing tan leather hightop Pumas

One untied and the other with a pink lace

Our metronomes were out of tune talking

while Belle & Sebastian whispered love notes

over turntable revolutions of creak and cradle

Silly little dream jumps in time kept the beat

off balance in the way silly little dreams do

Only you, straddling uni, ran contiguously along

Every jump rendered Pip lost and found

Every bump changed pinecones to PopTarts!

But you rolled along, scene to scene, frame by frame

It was a Lilly of a thing, the dream glow manic pacing

Everything in hyper-time, except for a little silver unicycle

tan Pumas slow-mo pedaling while one pink lace floated silly


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