Microchipped for Love of Country

:A Little something for Funny Bunny Fridays : Week 13:

It’s like a world without care, where candy is dandy.

Microchipped for Love of Country

Daisy Romney, it’s crazy
falling, lying, thieving
all missteps corrected
Your pull is majestic
forgiveness universal
It’s a blood-oath cell bomb
no longer doing wrong

Daisy Romney, you’ve made
a believer out of me
Sub-root process divine
your laser eye scalpel
incision successful
I’m an angel reordered
to your campaign so plain

The silicon penetration
for devotional obedience
subcutaneously slotted
by your godly cool hands
warmly working, and low

Daisy Romney, you’ve transformed
this Hater into a microchipped
love slave for the greater good
Your own greater good

Purple Glitter Party for President

P.S. Say hi to Mitt


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