Note: Postmodlite

Revenge of the Luddite Wrestlers

Postmodlite is a postmodern light to read by. Book of paper. Lamp of stone. One with two bulbs glued end to end, so we won’t get screwed.

That’s it, right? The maneuvers we’ve learned person to person are the only tools we need to stand up to the machines. Real education, true smarts, comes mouth to mouth and hand to hand.

A full nelson is stronger than anything a computer network’s hive mind can replicate.

I’m gonna spew sporks out my adipose Nostradamus nostril if I see one more movie or TV show that rapes and pillages the culture of geekieness. Those who ride the crest of a wave, get burried in the surf by those who pile on after.

These capital abusers are like a chimp trying to figure out which shape releases the banana. But they don’t know that there is no banana anymore. Just the memory pain and knee jerk reactions from our shocks of domestication.

Lights out.

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