Movie Sex


A look through the lens of celluloid love

Limousine backseat with bubbly
Steamy glass shower stall
Another person’s bedroom at a party
In the childhood bed at your parent’s house surrounded by Nirvana posters and Jet Li cardboard stand-ups

Sometimes it’s movie wind and ballet grace
Other scenes are all public restroom, heels on the toilet seat, raunchy

And a dude with his pants shoved down yells, “This is it, baby. I’m gonna pop a cap in Sancho!”

Whilst others, the art house films, love is dreamlike and flesh, a landscape you dip us in. Cellophane! Earth and water, chocolate and blood, all feel the same. Yet, they strike us with unique blows.

In the international film fest, sex is transparent blue paintbrush strokes flashing over two women or two men, rolling in naked cash, with eerie orange clouds drifting outside of softly lighted windows. And there’s a bulky suit with a pistol climbing the stairway; his stony, ruthless eyes foreshadowing the climax

Teen lovers doing it in the wild woods, and just as the scantily clad, barely legal woman is about to come … the beast-with-two-backs is torn apart and devoured by hillbilly circus freaks



12 thoughts on “Movie Sex

    • You should get a library card. Lots of DVDs. Also, find all the small cinemas in the downtown “old town” section of most cities; they play the good (international) stuff. And, keep this on the down low, Netflix 😉 Only sometimes.


  1. Fantastic piece. The part about the film festival is particularly accurate. A friend of mine had a small but important roll in a film that was featured at the local film festival. Normally I don’t go for those kinds of films but I went because he was in it. The sex scenes were exactly like that.


    • I’ve sat through several local film festivals in different areas. Often painful and cringe worthy. Sometimes funny. But always too self-conscious and needful of standing out, so they sort of throw it all in. Refinement comes later, I guess.


  2. You’re so right, what you said in comment – get a library card. Yes!!

    I love movies. Enjoyed this expression – well written.


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