Back Then Again

(Thumb-tapped at 110 KM/H on the highway)


Sink in
Slip my peel
It’s skin
separating you
from me
In time
we’re together
In law
we’re bound
In spirit
we’re stalling
You’re trapped
within a masquerade
I’m seized
by a never ending story
it has all gone by
from the Interstate
I’m moving forward
with occipital eyesight
Always a danger
to myself


6 thoughts on “Back Then Again

  1. Ah, freeway verse. Sometimes scenes from the interstate really do seem like a never ending story. That was a really good movie, by the way. 🙂 The book was great too.


      • It’s a rather thick volume (not Robert Jordan thick, though), that covers the plots of both the movie and its first sequel. I read through it in about a week many years ago when I was sick with what must have been a tropical virus. I lay in bed burning up with fever and barely able to move enough to turn the pages. Every twenty minutes I was convinced I was going to die.

        This may have slightly tainted the experience of reading the book.


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