Dozing in the Vein

fancy art shot

image: “Dozing in the Vein” by k. shawn edgar

I wish I could say
I have no regrets
But I’ve got them
dozing in my veins
And they’re currently
not sleeping well
Bloody pus cocktails
floating and bumping
clogging up the works
with little umbrellas
those plastic swords
cutting off the flow of
oxygen-depleted blood
Will my heart breathe

One old friend and I
as kids in Philomath OR
would sword fight
or cross the streams
in the bathroom
with sugared-up pee
This is not a regret
It’s an antibody
to revenge the fall
all the things undone
circulating in regret serum
dead on the bacterial frontline
It’s a salute to everybody’s
soft, moist, flowing
inner world of tissue
muscle gut brain blood sap
as it’s attacked & invaded
by aggressive micro-aliens
of would-have-beens
from moment-one until
the final moment-zero


7 thoughts on “Dozing in the Vein

  1. I think this may be my favorite poem of yours (that I’ve read up to now)- it is quite memorable. I love the idea of regret dozing in the veins- what an apt description, and the way you carry the metaphor through the rest of the poem is so strong and impacting. Love the image also- it’s like a dream.


    • Thank you, Emma. That means a lot to me. A few years ago I wrote a screenplay for a short film called, Dozing in the Vein, and this poem is a continuation of the metaphor from it.


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