Freida of the Allograft Society

photo "Falstaff vs. Mr. Pants" by k. shawn edgar

photo “Falstaff vs. Mr. Pants” by k. shawn edgar

Living with Bumblebee Bobcats

Freida cracks her knuckles daily

We’ve seen it on Jupiter & Mars

tumbling in the heavy-high cycle

with Falstaff’s lil’ porcelain corpse

during an Allograft Society luncheon

because Doulton & CO is limited

to the Triosphere of 20 kilometers

above Trondheim, Norway

Vital fug tissues meld themselves

as the biscuits are softly dunked

to the astronauts’ red jumpsuits

after degreed Bumblebee Bobcats

skillfully remove live donor kidneys

by inserting clear sterile plastic bags

into laser micro-hole singularities

Organs are zip locked & plucked out

oh never forget the George Pollard Jr.

whalers aboard the Essex who died

when a massive sperm whale rammed

the exiled Seafarers’ Union of Burma

giving lifesaving grafts to space sailors

and tenure to Freida at Allograft Univ


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