Room 117 (Pt. 5)

photo “Final Dining” by k. shawn edgar

Window aligned with parking lot level cars
provides a parade of pointy headlight beams
flashing and poking laser-like through dingy shrubs

Stand in the light, sucking down the photons, and breathing out
the darkness through raw ruby nostrils, rodeo-clown school trained
to perform in the claustrophobic inner-space of the barrel and bull
This meager action of inhale exhale, essential to life

A quarter! Shiny and out of reach, it lies beneath those dingy shrubs
taunting me with its spending potential wasted and alone in wood chips
It lingers only a foot a meter an inch a mile a world from the outer edge of hotel
My window contains me imprisoned with its plate-glass bars intersecting my arm’s reach
Damn you, President Head Quarter-Dollar, why do you resist my squinty focus mind pull?

I will slide you along the aether with the power of shear will and cosmic brain control!

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