Room 117 (Pt. 3)

The Sword and the Vessel

photo, “The Sword and the Vessel” by k. shawn edgar

Any asshole can use a dictionary;
whether it be in his broke-ass hands,
or her dump-ass slim computer.
So don’t preach the alignment of
lithe lavender and torn asunder;
your ending will be the same.

I was electrifying word spellings
before the water burst from the amniotic sac.
My mom had impulsed the signs & symbols into
fluidity down our umbilical cord; saying,
Spell sullen, baby, any way you please, and be happy.
The revolving world of learner groms of any type
should know early on that trends and typeface change,
yet both an airplane and an aeroplane can fly.

Read the first part of Room 117.


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