Crawling Under Cars

pure refined art pic of nature and machine

blue is the rule by k. shawn edgar

in the sky
blue is the rule
of wave particle bounce
it’s the back and forth I miss from you
in our day-to-day movement’s kiss curl punch suck

on the ground
the fallen tumble bucks rule
though it looks nothing but clutter crazy
its crumble crust rushes over moister stuff
like skin, scars, and hair over blood, guts, and brains

it’s the same under here
hard people full of soft potential
dodging bullets, bugs, bad tidings, and tantrums
by crawling under cars parked by gods or god serfs
their sad machines a breed for the future

you spoke the words I love you
but left out really really want to
a crucial dual mechanism
between axle end and wheel hub
keeping our car from moving forward
stall, rust, degrade, tumble bucks fallen

my hollow, chocolate easter bunny I love you
crumpled wrapper swimming gutter creeks in winter
and reflecting our sky blue(-lessness) in summer
as car motors echo all around rusty edges
and the sun is dying under bumpers
we crawl on knees toes hands colorblind
all too insightful of grayscale layers

here under cars lips’ rough ruby(-lessness) reflection is a reminder
of maps, driving times, backseat bundles, and white-trash coolers
on the road to the east for our first date jumping off cliffs
or rolling hospital halls, backside to a trolly bed too small
to a room too big to kiss cuddle cold floors with you
friend nurse lover coach co-culprit in rubber glove mask theft

under cars maybe they won’t notice me, for all the fallen tumble bucks
passing time as soft potential wastes us all and bugs bomb bullets
for rights to our treasured skins


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