Eternal Blink

That’s my favorite world: the red, yellow, orange shadow world within my closed eyes. This curve in my spine is an echo of the faults in my heart. The faults, they bore me. Shaped me. Remind me. I don’t want to get over you. Our memory foam accepts my curve, my blades, my long neck, and my aching head, on this bed again. I hear your songs. Each word, each melody, time locked with your big eyes in an eternal blink. A bubble land of yesterday’s perfection. That’s my favorite world: red yellow orange crisp shadows dancing together without linear time, without the marching of days.


9 thoughts on “Eternal Blink

  1. I don’t think we need to “get over” the special one/s completely, that would be denial of existence, but place them safely on the top shelf, once in a while taking care to dust..


    • I like that your comment could be taken in many ways. First I pictured a robot or marionette sitting on the top shelf of some kid’s bedroom closet, and then I saw an urn, years after the loved one’s death, perched on a shelf above the couch or fireplace in someone’s living room. Maybe a memory bank, where we slot bits those from our past. Thank you for reading.


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