fly boy fly so high

pic by k. shawn edgar

She had the sense of me
She had the best of me
She had the sensation of me
scent of me, spicing her tongue
since we commingled behind words
The sense of she, scenting me, all over
Is there telling left for more than two?

Dogs barking, sparking in the distance
Dogs barking, howls rolling from the dark
Dogs barking, it’s always a sign of something
We are canine sounds ringing sensations
Loop the vowels all over me, stinging me
Loop your vowels with my consonants’

Winter promotes spring, denotes things
Winter promotes words singing sounds
Winter promotes images of road life
Spring lingers in cold shadows, unsure
of distant sounds, scents, sensations
Surrender is looming in the breaking buds
bubbling brooks and dog run parks
Flowers bloom from collaboration buzz

Come thee and drag me forward and on
The sense of we, scenting me, forward on
until anaphora continuum repeats cycle
Running feet coming on with emerging
dawn of colorful scenes scented with us



4 thoughts on “Co-Labrador

  1. “She had the sense of me” The opening lines made my eyes sting with tears as I remembered my dad’s beloved black Labrador. Her death hit us really hard and even now it’s hard to think about her. She was such a great dog. Remarkable how attached we become to them. My mother still cannot talk about the dog she lost to a car accident many years ago without crying.


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