Waffle House Encounter

Love buffets our ugly world with Manic Storms

It drizzles your syrup on my waffle house hashbrowns

A slow-motion tidal wave of urban tedium passes by, just outside our submarine porthole

I fork your cinnamon toast smile as the waitress comes by with more coffee

“Pie,” asks the seducer

“Yes please,” answers our Manic Riptide of Love

The berry cream pie is sliced and served as you fork my beefsteak sizzle

Our wide-eyed waitress lingers at the table’s far edge, with beads of sweat building on her chest

You shiver, slowly forking your triangle of pie, and the creamy berries stain your fingers and lips

I, riding your cresting froth in a Sea of Us, devour the remains


11 thoughts on “Waffle House Encounter

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  2. Whoa yeah! It is so refreshing to read something so, so different! The next time I go to the Waffle House, I’m gonna think about . . . uhm. *blush*


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