Train Travel with Jeremy

Waiting with Jeremy

Look at the Saturday column. Point at it with your finger. Now, run your finger down to the 5:30 row. The 5:30 row and the Saturday column converge where? Point at it, Jeremy. Yes, that’s right. See, there? There is a train. It will be at this platform in four minutes. No train coming. No train. Yes, Jeremy, there is a train at 5:30 because it shows it on the time table. The table of train arrival times, Jeremy. Right there. In the Saturday column. No train at 5:30. No train’s coming. Okay, Jeremy. Let’s just suppose that there’s no train. Let’s say there isn’t going to be a train here at 5:30. Then don’t you think there wouldn’t be any people standing on the platform? Look around, Jeremy. Are there any people standing on the platform?! Because there are, Jeremy. No train at 5:30 for the people. No train. Jeremy!

On the 6:15

Find a seat. Find a clean one. The seats are safe. Look, Jeremy, all the other people are taking seats. Jeremy, just pick a seat. They’re all the same. Pick one. No sit. Stand. Seats are hard. Dirt on seats. Stand and ride. Jeremy, let’s sit down here. Let’s sit in these seats and ride along. The train is fast. The trip will go by. Let’s sit here, Jeremy. Sit, please. The trip will go by.



One thought on “Train Travel with Jeremy

  1. This type of scenario might happen several times throughout my day with two young children, but I get the sense that this meant to represent a different type of situation/challenge. You’ve done this very well. I love when a story told with no direct references- purely through the fleshing out of the scene and through the dialogue. Very nice.


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