Copy of The Mona Lisa by that Guy

There’s a Mona Lisa
in her trailer window

Rain-damp mildew stains
on the smooth concave
of her sheet metal facade

Cascading calligraphy cracks
in her wood panelling walls

Every quake of her life
is readable on her fingertips

Plans to escape
this stringy, sticky
bubblegum world
written in nail polish
under the diet pop-stained
throw rugs and food cartons
have a growing power

It’s a trailer on the outside
It’s a sanatarium on the inside
It’s her “fuck you” to mom & dad

Kill the contagious self doubt
Put the conscience in neutral
Connect the lesser wires
to the greater charge
Replace the analytical full-stops
with poetical pauses pregnant

[Shhh, take a deep breath now]

Fucking earthquakes are misread
when your seismograph’s a stack
of free Harry Potter tumblers,
terrible terrible waste

Temblor is to seism
as Mona Lisa is to life

Pigeons backward somersaulting
on the slim shaken earth define this
The adjacent yoo-hoo lady impaled
on her upturned walker
all because premonition failed
all because Harry Potter failed

Static dust clouds now frozen,
in time-space locked dimensions,
remembering their spiritual birth
on savaged broken parking blocks

Harry Potter didn't see this coming

Push them down, tipping now
Asphalt wave buckling now
Earth rippling its skin now,
bucking off all false covers

Trailers were not designed
to beat natural disasters now
Never a penny wasted on
corners complete, cutting now
A wrinkly skin is the living toll
for trailers too, like their humans


7 thoughts on “Mona

  1. You are a really good writer, but, turbulent is a good word, going into our brains and sending shockwaves through them with stories, words, and emotions strong enough to sizzle meat.


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