Chicken & Steak 4567 ☢ Love

Silly Photoshop Image Insert Here

I’ll replace you
when you fail;
the pinkness of
your petals burnt

Tender loving
with a new you;
caresses brushing
absently cruising
over ™ silica curves

I’ll forget your
melted oval cornea
Formosa drowning
metallic headlights
all hazard stamped
with a carbon seal

Barnyard bake-down
your bird&beef saliva
will still moisten ♬;
lips still smearing spicy
in time to kids counting
along 4, 5, 6, 7 > fusion
only with a new ⋃ to me


15 thoughts on “Chicken & Steak 4567 ☢ Love

  1. Ah, nuclear love – I especially enjoyed the use of symbols, the biting satire, and the ‘disturbing’ phrases like ‘I’ll forget your/melted oval cornea’ & ‘your bird&beef saliva/will still moisten’. A surreal, somewhat disgusting admixture of meat, fusion, production, and social commentary. Not sure what to think but isn’t that a good thing?


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