Love is an Idiot’s Bandana


Love lug nuts hearts to hamsters
in cheap foreign-made cages.

Things go round-e-round, ’till the
ugly hamster-heart contusions.

Caged and smelling of neglect,
love ends lost in a knotted wad
under a pile of hair band CDs,
a month’s unwashed socks, and
drawing tablets full of retro robots.

The hamster, upturned rigid little feet,
bloats beyond love’s comprehension.

The heart shrivels to a black lump.

The idiot buys a new bandana
from a truck-stop’s spinning display,
next to the 5-Hour Energy drinks,
the pink-n-black leopard-print cowboy hats,
and the spicy teriyaki beef sticks.

Love is a $7.95 purple bandana
worn by an idiot who’s buzzing
on too much cheap energy.


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